Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Lies of the Beautiful People

This title is stolen from the song from the band SIXX:AM. And I wanted to write this blog because recently... problems have been brewing not just in me, but I am seeing things around me that just discourages me. That is why this entry will be called "The Lies of the Beautiful People"

Now that I have brought you here, where should I start? ok. SIXX:AM. In that band, there is Nikki Sixx. If you do not know who Nikki Sixx is, PLEASE google him. He is one of my idols. Okay at first you might think, wow... what a "badass" person, he must be into drugs or something like that. He's an awesome rocker, but he has a heart of gold. I did 6 hour of bus, and 6 hours more waiting for him IN LINE to get my book signed by him. he might look like the badass rockstar, but he is just another person like you and me. The difference here is, that he is famous haha! When I read his book... he inspired me and helped me through what has been happening right now... here is the deal.

So recently, a friend has told me that I've been on gyaru_secrets. If you do not know what it is, GOOD. but it is just a community on LiveJournal that posts "gyaru secrets". Well guess what, it did not stop it from raging to bashing community. *sigh* Who are they to point fingers at people? Who are they to say that this person is pretty and this person is not? A hater posted one of my "gyaru" pictures, saying I looked tranny (I get that a lot on youtube so meh). It gets old. But then someone posted me again (wouldn't be surprised if it was the same person) but this time... it was not even gyaru related! That person just stole my picture (where I'm posing with a pole) and stole another picture, saying that, was I a pornstar , a whore or whatever I didn't really read it all. Wow. At first, I thought it was funny because, first of all, I am not a whore, nor a pornstar. But then again, what if I was ;) Does that really change who I am? I am still nice to you, all my friends, and noble to my kind heart. Furthermore, what does that person have against WHORES or pornstars? Now here comes the society's standards. Pornstars are badly viewed in our society just as how VISUAL-KEI is seen as ridiculous if you walk in the streets in it. I greatly dislike this. You know pornstars are just comfortable with their bodies and sexuality. And alternative people with visual-kei touches just have a little bit of eccentricity in their minds. What is so wrong about exposing your "pussy"? Or nipples? you know what's even funnier? A girl that shows her vagina will be called a whore. But when a guy shows his dong. AAAAAAH! Here is another story. He will either be called OMG HOT!!! Or just nasty. Nikki Sixx mentionned in his book, that the "Top 100 most beautiful people of the year" things are just ridiculous. Do you have to be a celebrity and such to be the most beautiful people? What if the most "ugliest" people became the most beautiful people? This society is rotten. Yes. There are outcasts. And no matter what we do, there will be always some people that will try to stop us. Persist.

Some people think they are so original or "good" but they are as rotten as the society-brainwashed people. Don't criticize me, or your neighbour. Look at yourself first. Other than Nikki Sixx. Andy Six from Black Veil Brides. Black Veil Brides often sings about outcasts. And of course, I do associate myself to them. They are all talented musicians, but see? They still get called faggots, gay and things like that. Can I say it again? Society is rotten. In one of Andy Six's blog, he wrote this inspiring text... He was at a hospital, and his mother was in the surroundings. You guys all know how Andy looked before, the typical "emo" style. Spiky hair, piercings and tattoos. Then, a couple said "What will his mother think!". Then his mother barged in and told them that she is proud to have Andy Six as a son. Look at where Andy Six is now. Now he sings to all of the outcasts out there, to tell us to not give a fuck and just be yourself. And by being YOURSELF, you do not give in to anybody else in whatever way!

I saw this awesome quote once "When you talk about somebody else, it doesn't define them. It defines yourself."

We are beautiful as outcasts, remember that. We do not need to be what society told us to be. If you wish to be, go ahead, but do not point fingers. That is when the hate comes in. And when a finger is pointed at me, I just feel like if want to go even further. I also would like to point out at what Ashley Purdy said in one of his interviews. Rock'n'Roll is about doing what the fuck you want and not giving a damn about what the others think!!

VIDEO: http://www.vevo.com/watch/black-veil-brides/fallen-angels/USUV71100516

The end. :) this was a bit long but I tried to make it as short as possible. Keep on rockin dear roses.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Black Veil Brides'concert

So I thought I'd show you guys a little glimpse of my pictures that I took at the AP Tour last Tuesday, in which Black Veil Brides was headlining. They really kicked ass and had a fuckin full of energy on stage, it was pure ROCK'N'ROLL! I enjoyed dancing alone in my own corner at the left. And I can say that I will never forget those two days... I got to meet him in private... I was so overwhelmed, and I am still now. well enough of that. Now pictures!! I took them with a little 90's cam... you know teh ones with the flash and you have to go get them processed? But I like the vintage feel to it :)

Oh! I got an Iphone case! A deco one, isn't it cute?

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Hizaki hair

So today, I attempted to do Hizaki's hair and it turned out very nice! Unfortunately... it looks so weird on Iphone!!! It was much more voluminous and beautifully shaped in real life! I will still upload the photos... I'll do a tutorial on it soonie~ I used SO MUCH HAIRSPRAY @_@

Here are the bottom curls.

I also bought this interesting product today, I hope it will work. It is a... Colouring AND nourishing masque... WOW!! A colouring reconstructor? That's a miracle to me! I'll try it tomorrow and hope that it'll make my silver-ish blonde more silver.

A more casual hairstyle before heading out to meet someone

And at chinatown... I bought more leopard shoes!! YES I AM OBSSESSED URGH!! Pink leopard heels... How can I say no? And leopard slouchy boots! And I got myself a flowery dress too! like them?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Groupie!!! ... or not?

I am still in Nashville, TN. And I am enjoying it so far! I went to see Faster Pussycat last Sunday at Exit/In and it ROCKED! The Hellbillies that opened for them loved me so much! They even pulled me on stage to dance! God I had the time of my life. And later on I got to meet all of Faster Pussycat... I was so glad, it is like a dream come true. I got to catch on the time that I missed when they were in Montreal (because I was too drunk). Well, I got them to sign my jacket and teh singer signed my panties haha! Well I won't tell anymore about this, because I am starting to write, like a "chronicle", or a journal, about my travels and experiences at rock'n'roll shows, since that is what I like most

I always thought I was a groupie, because I always want to have an approach to the band and talk to them, meet them, hug them and all, but I don't want to sleep with them. So basically, I am not a groupie. I saw a few groupies over there and well... that is not my thing. I think it is a bit not noble and, demeaning no? :/ I mean is it my fault if the band likes me more than you and you have to go all crazy to get their attention? No. (Since it was an 80's band... I was the only young one)

You know what is my secret to make the musicians the groupies? HERE IT IS! My vampire charm! If Lestat was a modern Asian girl, he would totally be like this!!!

If you want to see more of my pictures of my Nashville trip, add me on Facebook! Don't be shy~~

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I just want to fly with my own wings... (100 followers!)

Dear roses! Thank you now I have 100 followers ^^ I feel a bit more loved hehe~ Now time for my story...

Well... recently... I lead a very normal life... I go to school, than I go to work. yes sometimes I have fun with my friends, we get wasted, we get high, and all of those vices in life. But I want something more. I wanted to see Rock'n'roll shows because that is what I love most. And so I decided to go to Nashville, TN, next month in November. I am a bit scared because I will go by myself, but at the same time I am SO excited. (No I did not book the flights yet...)

Should I do it? Or should I not? Travelling to see concerts... that sounds like a dream to me. And furthermore, I will be the one paying for everything. I want to prove to my parents that I am an adult now (an adult that likes to have fun xDDD)

As you roses can see, I listne more to glam rock and hard rock now :) I still listen to VK, jsut not a lot! But I sitll love it~

I use Twitter a lot now, and facebook! Make sure to add me!!

Sorry no pictures of videos today ;_; I will later on!! I promise!

Monday, September 27, 2010


Aaah bonjour my dear roses! After my long absence... I come with a new blog entry! AND A NEW VIDEO! And a new self also~

Well I hope you saw it. Well dear roses, as you can see, now I am more of a gyaru style. Well Rocker Chick as I would like to say it, but do not worry, I still love Visual-kei! I would do other VK tutorial sometimes!

Ah... I also started to use Twitter a lot! So maybe if you have a question, ask me there? Or just anything ^_^ I feel very connected to the Internet lately~which means to you dear roses also.

Question of the day: What would you dear roses would like to see more in my coming entries? Suggestions? hehe~

I feel very happy lately ! No more time for being "Emo" Like I mentionned in my last entry...!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Is blogguing really for me?

Well... I post... so rarely... I noticed. I was wondering if I really should blog. I don't know if it's my thing. When I think about blogguing... I think "writing your life on the Internet". Which I don't want to. Some people do that. Some people don't. I know I am getting it wrong.

But... I don't buy make-up often to write a blog about it... and if I write a lot... no one will care... right?

Well... Haha I feel so "emo" :P

Anyways, I love my dear roses for support. Have you seen my new video? Check it out!