Monday, April 18, 2011

Black Veil Brides'concert

So I thought I'd show you guys a little glimpse of my pictures that I took at the AP Tour last Tuesday, in which Black Veil Brides was headlining. They really kicked ass and had a fuckin full of energy on stage, it was pure ROCK'N'ROLL! I enjoyed dancing alone in my own corner at the left. And I can say that I will never forget those two days... I got to meet him in private... I was so overwhelmed, and I am still now. well enough of that. Now pictures!! I took them with a little 90's cam... you know teh ones with the flash and you have to go get them processed? But I like the vintage feel to it :)

Oh! I got an Iphone case! A deco one, isn't it cute?


  1. hello Emeraude!!! cool photos,i wish i had been there...thanks for the answer on your thumblr!!! i'm rose the one that asked you the question...well i haven't changed my style and i dumped my boyfriend,now he's the one that regrets!!! xD thank you,
    a big hug for you.

  2. ... THIS JUST MADE MY DAY! You fuckin dumped him? You go girl!!! You kick ass! You deserve so much better than him. Tu mereces mejor :) Like I said, a boyfriend that laughs at you is not meant to be your boyfriend.

    Dear rose , keep on rocking.