Monday, April 11, 2011

The Hizaki hair

So today, I attempted to do Hizaki's hair and it turned out very nice! Unfortunately... it looks so weird on Iphone!!! It was much more voluminous and beautifully shaped in real life! I will still upload the photos... I'll do a tutorial on it soonie~ I used SO MUCH HAIRSPRAY @_@

Here are the bottom curls.

I also bought this interesting product today, I hope it will work. It is a... Colouring AND nourishing masque... WOW!! A colouring reconstructor? That's a miracle to me! I'll try it tomorrow and hope that it'll make my silver-ish blonde more silver.

A more casual hairstyle before heading out to meet someone

And at chinatown... I bought more leopard shoes!! YES I AM OBSSESSED URGH!! Pink leopard heels... How can I say no? And leopard slouchy boots! And I got myself a flowery dress too! like them?


  1. Super cute dress and shoes dear!!! And the hair is amazing. I'm trying to grow my hair out so i can do more with it. Unfortunately though, my hair doesn't hold a curl, so curling it is painful. I love that hair though :)

  2. How were you able to get your hair that color? :O I want to bleach my hair that same color you have but I can't because I had dyed my hair black a year ago or so. If I tried to bleach my hair that same color, would it fry my hair even though I let it grow a couple of inches? D= I'm not worried about my roots, but the rest of my hair that still has black dye in it. DX
    -Melissa :P