Sunday, January 31, 2010


Aaah I just woke up, ate, and now finished editing my pictures...while thinking about you my dearest rose. It seems that God has been very kind to me these days. On Friday, January 29th, he also made the moon in the most perfect celestial white. It looked like you my dear. It is like seeing your angelic face looking up in that dark navy sky.

Not only God has sent me an angel, but he also sent me great melodies of the noble band, Versailles, on January 30th. And on the 31st, I've listened to it with the deepest emotion I ever had with other music or song. Kamijo's voice... I am without words. Aaah... I feel happy. My heart flutters like it never did before. Such a beautiful feeling.

Well... I feel like posting up a few pictures of Saturday! I went to JFEST Vol.3 that my sponsor organized. It was pretty fun~ Meeting friends and talking hehe. And being with my dearest Sylvia of course! I did her make-up and it turned out very nicely~~~

I'm not much into dancing though... I just went there to show my beauty off haha! Silly Emeraude. I also tried a new hairstyle with my Visual-kei/Lolita fusion. I liked it!!!

Emeraude on the commentary board. Does my drawing look like myself? haha!

Emeraude on the dancefloor!!! Yes I have fun even when I am sober (and with friends)

Left: Me and S├ębastien, the only fellow Quebecan aristocrat that I know besides me :P
Right: My pretty Fred!! Love her~

And at night... I made sushi ... and went back to sleep.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I attempted to do Hizaki's hairstyle with my new extensions... I do not have enough hair on the top :( The top is not puffy enough. And the curls loosened after 15 minutes! Since it was just an attempt... I didn't bother putting hairspray. I still liked it though. What do you think? :)

Je suis la Princesse du prince.~ I am talking to a prince now :D

Sunday, January 10, 2010

We are one...

Finally we are one. I have found you at last. You got to me this past Friday, 8th of January. I was so happy to find you once more. All these years I have searched for you so I... just bought you once again XD

Yes, Emeraude is talking about a magazine. It is not any magazine. CURE with VERSAILLES ON THE BACK!!! *throws roses in the air* God it was the first magazine I bought along with Shoxx... I don't know what happened but I lost them... I lost you. I was so sad. I searched everywhere. Even the Internet. The CURE issue of November 2007 was SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE!!! So I have found this nice girl that had it on her LiveJournal :) I took you right away.

Why is it so important to me? Simple no? I just love Kamijo. He was my favorite artist since... 4/5 years? The first time I heard him sing, the first time I saw him, I couldn't help but fall in love with that beautiful and angelic vampire. Kamijo, you are my Lestat and I am your Louis. He inspires me in all ways. This man, this angel, this vampire...

I will later on buy his others magazines HAHA! If Kamijo is in it.... I BUY! (10 days before JUBILEE IS RELEASED!)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Today, I went to take pictures outside with my dear Sylvia. Our fingers were all frozen afterwards... and walking home was a pain. But it was still fun~

Not a lot of them came good. I didn't feel so photogenic today. But I really like those two.

This is how cold it can get...

Posing! In the cold...

Being stylish in winter is not a good idea...