Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Today, I went to take pictures outside with my dear Sylvia. Our fingers were all frozen afterwards... and walking home was a pain. But it was still fun~

Not a lot of them came good. I didn't feel so photogenic today. But I really like those two.

This is how cold it can get...

Posing! In the cold...

Being stylish in winter is not a good idea...


  1. wonder what happened during i went from home to costco. things seem fine now. -Jessica

  2. ^ lol at confusing comment above~

    and OMG

    I absolutely ADORE the first shot!!!! <3

  3. SNOW!!!*o*
    where i live(manaus,Amazon)is hot as hell T.T
    I wish i could touch the snow

    and i agree with Shmoo your first shot is...*o*

  4. I never saw snow..
    Here in Brazil it does not snow.. T___T"