Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My first blog entry! 私の最初のブログのエントリ!

Today's entry: Present happenings, Past thoughts, Fail posted at 11:58 PM, December 07

Dear rose blog, (and you roses out there that are reading my blog~)

Rejoice! This is my first entry to my all new-born blog, where I will talk about random things (life, fails, stuff that I purchased, past memories, rants and so on...). I like writing about interesting details in my life my mind and heart, and to not forget. I can then look back at my blog~ Shall we start? Let's go! Ah yes! I also posted my writings in Japanese, I TRY to learn it, but... I don't know it completely, so if I made mistakes... don't mind.

Present happenings: Today was a very normal day. The semester is almost done. I bought my first pack of cigarettes! Benson & Hedges superslims :3 NO NO NO! I do not smoke a lot. I just felt like spending money. And I am tired of asking around. Plus, I need them for photoshoots haha~ You know what I really hate? People who judge you just because you smoke. Hypocrites. I don't mind when a friend suddenly says "Ah! No!! It will kill you!" (Ah...like if I did NOT know =_=), because they worry, but when they call you stupid!? Or change the way they are with you!? I think that's a bit too far. I don't even inhale. And I smoke like... once per week now that I have a pack in hand, or month.

And now I am writing my blog! I just felt like doing one... I also bought Gatsby Air Rise on Friday! And got the purple, yellow, blue and orange one on Amazon. Currently having a Gatsby fever. It is pretty neat! I will do a video and blog review on it later on~

On Friday, I had a photoshoot :)

Random picture by Qiaofu from photoshoot/Qiaofuによってランダム写真

Cellphone pictures/携帯電話の写真を見る

Me and July at the Salon/私とJulyサロン

Gatsby transformation! Not too bad eh?/ギャツビー変換!悪くないえ?

Korean dinner with Vicky and Jessica! /ジェシカとヴィッキーと韓国ディナー

Trying out typical Japanese hairstyles/典型的な日本ヘアスタイルを試してみた