Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Groupie!!! ... or not?

I am still in Nashville, TN. And I am enjoying it so far! I went to see Faster Pussycat last Sunday at Exit/In and it ROCKED! The Hellbillies that opened for them loved me so much! They even pulled me on stage to dance! God I had the time of my life. And later on I got to meet all of Faster Pussycat... I was so glad, it is like a dream come true. I got to catch on the time that I missed when they were in Montreal (because I was too drunk). Well, I got them to sign my jacket and teh singer signed my panties haha! Well I won't tell anymore about this, because I am starting to write, like a "chronicle", or a journal, about my travels and experiences at rock'n'roll shows, since that is what I like most

I always thought I was a groupie, because I always want to have an approach to the band and talk to them, meet them, hug them and all, but I don't want to sleep with them. So basically, I am not a groupie. I saw a few groupies over there and well... that is not my thing. I think it is a bit not noble and, demeaning no? :/ I mean is it my fault if the band likes me more than you and you have to go all crazy to get their attention? No. (Since it was an 80's band... I was the only young one)

You know what is my secret to make the musicians the groupies? HERE IT IS! My vampire charm! If Lestat was a modern Asian girl, he would totally be like this!!!

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  1. hello!!! i want to say that i love ur blog...thank you for the videos u have made they are pretty awesome,they have helped me a lot in the way i look everyday....i would like to know you,so if u want add ur beautiful,see you,kisses for you emeraude!

  2. hey Mai,i dont think youre a groupie or a noble rose,youre in between,what the french canadian like me call a "skank"

    with love,



    p.s. don't do more than one shot of jack


    je t'aime.

  3. Hello Emeraude~ ^^ I just want to say you are a big inspiration in my life. I absolutely love your blog and videos; I regularly watch them and am amazed at your beauty. Because of you, I now listen to wonderful bands such as Versailles, Reckless Love, Acid Black Cherry to name a few. Please keep inspiring other people with your awesomeness such as you have done to myself. Lot's of love to you dear Emeraude. <3

    -Your always devoted rose, Melissa from Cali

    And if you can, please add my e-mail to yours since I don't have a Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, or anything like that. It's