Thursday, May 27, 2010

Is blogguing really for me?

Well... I post... so rarely... I noticed. I was wondering if I really should blog. I don't know if it's my thing. When I think about blogguing... I think "writing your life on the Internet". Which I don't want to. Some people do that. Some people don't. I know I am getting it wrong.

But... I don't buy make-up often to write a blog about it... and if I write a lot... no one will care... right?

Well... Haha I feel so "emo" :P

Anyways, I love my dear roses for support. Have you seen my new video? Check it out!


  1. Your dear roses will care! :3 *pout* I think you could find a happy medium in blogging! Or simply anything you want to share with us! Doesn't need to be personal ;3

    New video was awesome! n_n!

  2. I agree with the first poster~

    No matter what you write about we'll be interested ~ That sounds a lil creepy lol but don't get put off by that

    And your new vid is cute ! Bunny!

  3. I'll always be interested in reading your blog~  Just write whatever you want, that's what matter the most!

    My friend Jeremy transformed his blog into a photography blog, maybe yours could be about your modelling?

  4. awww emeraude don't talk like that
    i'll be interested too!
    I agree with the first poster too
    you can write about something you like.things that you find on internet or in other places,about clothes,music,films....
    i will love to read it ^^

  5. lmao. Do whatever you prefer. You obviously have readers, but if you aren't comfortable with it--don't do it. It's not like we don't have other sites to check out updates of you on (i.e. Myspace, Twitter or YouTube).

  6. aw your blog would be sorely missed if you got rid of it! I, along with your other followers, still look forward to your updates even if they're not often!
    But do what makes you happy, Emeraude ♥

  7. Oie td bem???? to passando aki pra avisar q o blog esta com varias parcerias com lojas nacionais e internacionais que entregam no Brasil. Beijinhus *-*

  8. The Norwegian MooseJuly 21, 2010 at 3:56 PM

    your dear roses will follow you no matter what so please continue. We all like reading about you even if you dont update to often. Why don't you take Shmuberrys advice???

    Remember you even have people all the way up in Norway suporting you <3

  9. aw *______* new video is awesome.
    is the first time I see this blog, but I hope to come here more times.

    portugal supports you ♥