Monday, September 27, 2010


Aaah bonjour my dear roses! After my long absence... I come with a new blog entry! AND A NEW VIDEO! And a new self also~

Well I hope you saw it. Well dear roses, as you can see, now I am more of a gyaru style. Well Rocker Chick as I would like to say it, but do not worry, I still love Visual-kei! I would do other VK tutorial sometimes!

Ah... I also started to use Twitter a lot! So maybe if you have a question, ask me there? Or just anything ^_^ I feel very connected to the Internet lately~which means to you dear roses also.

Question of the day: What would you dear roses would like to see more in my coming entries? Suggestions? hehe~

I feel very happy lately ! No more time for being "Emo" Like I mentionned in my last entry...!!


  1. yeah!im so happy that you decide to go on with the blog and update a new video ^^ i have missed you xD
    you look soo cute in gyaru style but hope you still do that kick ass vk look
    well since you are in gyaru fashion now i would like to see what kind of clothes are you using now^^
    no more emo emeraude please!xDDDD

  2. I love your hair and your curls but I like VK-Emeraude more ♥

  3. .... Seriously, do you suit everything? I'm so jealous! But seriously, great to see you updating again.
    Just one question, do you use extensions? Or is that entirely your natural hair? Either way, it's very pretty!

  4. Thank you all for your dear replies!

    Felicity, thank you so much for the dearest comments :) I really appreciate it! But I put a LOOOT of extensions ;)

  5. what happened to the oshare kei look~?
    It was so cute <3