Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Guten Tag Lieberosen~

It means: Bonjour dear roses! in German! I am now in German class ~ It has been a long time, was it not?

And so I decided to update. I have a boring life~

I have been so busy and did not know what to update with. I had the idea of posting because I saw Yuki's blog :)

I recently have a liking for glam rock! And so I tried putting a bandana and extensions, with Nikki Sixx's make-up~ I tried it with my dearest rose :D


Well... I have a new video :D Did you see it? If not, WATCH IT DEAR ROSE! I also got sponsored by this very noble and sexy contact lenses store ! Check them out!


  1. you're vietnamese.

  2. Hihi, coucou petite fée ! Combien de langues tu parles donc ?! Ce n'est pas ce qui est important, venons-en aux faits, comme tu pars dans 3 minutes >w< ! Je t'aime t'es mignonne et ton video est trop mignon aussi ! J'adore quand tu parles en Jap, ca fait full vrai ; ___ ; ! On va bientot faire nos cheveux ensemble pis ca va etre cool-cool-cool !

    Je t'aime, petite fleur <3

    Mellanye :3

  3. you can speak japanenese and german!
    i'm jealous xD

  4. 'dankeschön, auf Wiedersehen' ~your German is getting better and better. :)
    and your Japanese is really good, too! did somebody help you translating or can you do it by yourself? woow, I'm envious, my Japanese is not as good as yours. :(

    immer schön weiter lernen! :) gambatte, ne!

  5. Cuuuuuuuuuuuuute<3
    i looove nikki sixx<3

  6. Bonjour! :D
    I really enjoyed your latest video! :) you say your a bigginer in japanese but it sounded quite natural for you. I´m impressed!

    Cute blog too :)